About Mrs.Lindley

By Shernari Pelt and Alaysha Merriweather.


Mrs.Lindley is the new kindergarten  teacher. Mrs. Lindley attend school at Western Governors University. Mrs. Lindley became a teacher last month August 2019. Ms Lindley love teaching small kids and watching them grow. Mrs. Lindley said her favorite Subject is Reading. Her favorite thing to do is play games with her student. Her hobby is Painting. Mrs Lindley chose Oakdale because she loves the emphasis on leadership and global communication.

Planting sunflower house

.Planting Sunflower House!


What’s up blog? I am going to talk to you how to  make a Sunflower Put

a craft stick  around the garden.

1.If you have a garden bed

2.Take the craft stick out and put your hand in the hole

3.Then put the seed in the hole

4.Then cover it up

5.Then put the craft stick beside all them

6.put a seed in the middle

And that’s how to build a sunflower house!

And we went to look at it a week later and it was sprouting


the kindergarden students


by shernari pelt and shalay kennedy



The kindergarten students are learning about things people did in the past. They read the book Then and Now by Tracy Sato. Elijah Harris used the questions in the book to interview people who lived in the 40’s. Two of the people told about their life when they were younger. They talked the toys and games they played. They talked about  the things they did in school. Also, they talked about the chores they did.

Mrs. Hamner and Mrs. Blevins told their stories as part of the oral histories to celebrate the bicentennial of Alabama.



There are lots of places that sell bagels in Tuscaloosa.
You can buy them fresh or frozen.
Bagels are famous in New York.
Scott Rossilo is one person who make bagels.
Rossilo says that creating the bagels is so complex the store can bake just 100 every five hours.
It is like eating cake for breakfast.
But if you want a rainbow bagels you will have to go all the way to NYC.
You will have to go to The Bagel Store in Brooklyn.